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trail name: Lawrence River Trails view trailhead map

park name: Lawrence River Trail

nearest town: Lawrence

directions from nearest town: I-70 West to the first Lawrence Exit. Go South on Mass until you go under a big rail-road trestle then turn left onto Elm.. Keep going to, uh, 8th St. then turn right. Ride up and over the Levee and park. The trail heads are right there.

rating (1-5): 1 - 2

description: This trail is all singletrack and comprises about a 12 mile loop. The front half is a nice sand/dirt combo that stays remarkably dry even after a good rain. The back half is mostly dirt and can get pretty soupy.

This is a good trail for beginners or anyone who wants to just spin. Not any hills to speak of but there are some fun roller-coaster-ish sections where it is a blast to just hammer through 'em. There are some added challenges in the form of log obstacles added at key points. They are more psychologically challenging than anyth ing. Don't be pshyched out, keep your speed up and just roll over them. No big deal.

Many sections offer very poor visibility of what lies ahead. This coupled with the fact that these trails lend themselves to speed can be very dangerous. Bring a horn or bell and use it.

Even if you are a jaded pro, these trails can be a lot of fun. Don't expect to polish your bike handling skills here but you will enjoy it all the same.

Watch video of this trail - Here

highlights: The trail is really nice, almost all of it is heavily wooded and well maintained. There are some twisty, narrow sections and short climbs to keep you honest

submitted by: Bart Childers

email address: bartchilders@earthlink.com

additional thoughts: Watch out for other riders here. I learned this the hard way. The "proper" riding direction is not posted so don't take anything for granted.