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trail name: Landahl MTB Trail view trailhead map

park name: Landahl Park

nearest town: Blue Springs

directions from nearest town: Exit I-70 (East or West) at Highway 7 (Blue Springs, Missouri). Take 7 north to Pink Hill Rd (the last stop light as you leave Blue Springs). Turn right (east) and drive to Owens School Rd. Turn left (north) and drive to Argo Rd (the four way stop sign). Turn right (east) onto Argo Rd. Follow this road until you go past the gun range on your left. You will go up a hill, look for the gravel parking lot on your left (north). Park here. The MTB trails can be found by entering the gate and following the double-track into the woods. A sign board has a map of the trails.

rating (1-5): 4 - 5

description: This trail is a 9 mile loop comprised almost entirely of nice, tight singletrack. The course here will throw everything at you; extremely technical rocky stretches, sketchy climbs up loose and rocky slopes, long smooth descents where the only limit on your speed is your guts, and correspondingly long lung-busting climbs.

The front part of the trail is pretty gentle but the back part is not for the faint-of-heart. There are several stretches of very difficult, tight and windy rocky passages with some decent drop-offs and tough areas were just navigating the path without dabbing is about all you can hope for....as for taking these parts at speed...forget it.

Watch video of this trail - Here, Here, Here, Here

trail map: view trail map

highlights: I'm not that great of a rider but I love the tough spots. The trails are heavily wooded and quite pretty. I also enjoy tough climbs and these trails have several that very tough, but if you know what you're doing (which I don't) you can clean them.

submitted by: Bart Childers

email address: bartchilders@earthlink.com

additional thoughts: Even though it is just a 9 mile course, plan on a good two hour ride for a decent rider's first trip through. Once you are more familiar with the course you will be more comfortable hammering through the easier sections and it won't take as long.