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trail name: Smithville Lake Trail view trailhead map

park name: Smithville Lake

nearest town: Smithville, MO

directions from nearest town: Travel North through Smithville and further for about 4 miles on 169 Highway. Turn right (East) on "W" Highway, and travel to the bridge over the lake. Keep traveling farther on "W" Highway for a few hundred yards to a paved parking lot (Smoken Davey Trailhead) on the right. As you leave this lot on bike or foot, look for the carsonite markers as you can go West (right) into Lakeside Speedway or East (left) into T-N-T, or South on the County paved trail.

alternate: Travel further on "W" to Paradise, turn right on Paradise Road and continue into "Sailboat Cove." Park in the first spaces on the right (immediately behind the fee shack), and bike over the hill in front of the cars to the paved trail and go East(right). The entrance to the singletrack trail, the Southside Loop, is near the "Y" in the paved trail. As you approach the "Y" look for the carsonite marker to your right. If the fee shack is staffed, the County has a park user's fee of $5/day or $20/year (cash).

rating (1-5): 3

description: Smithville is about ten miles of varied trail. The County has paved trail throughout the area of the MTB trails, providing outstanding access to the singletrack. These trails are very beginner and singlespeed friendly trails!

Blog: http://www.smithvilletrails.com

trail map: view trail map

submitted by: Michael Gier/Neale Shour

email address: neale.shour@gmail.com

additional thoughts: * Equestrians should not be on the MTB trails. As always, if you encounter horse riders on the trails, do not confront them, but explain that the trails are designated by the County for only biking/hiking if they are unaware.

* The trails are maintained by volunteers. If you have any comments or questions about the trails or trail conditions -- or want to help, please contact Aaron Beeman (smithville@earthriders.org).