2019 EFI Challenge

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EarthRiders presents the 2019 EFI Challenge

We have made it easier and harder for 2019!

What is this “EFI” challenge?

The 2019 EarthRiders’ EFI challenge is to ride Every “Fracking” Inch of public mountain bike trail within 40 minutes of the Heart of Kansas City. We have put together a list of 16 core trail systems consisting of 171 miles miles of awesomely made diverse singletrack. We have also added a Bonus challenge of 20 trail systems and 187 more miles for those brave soles up for the fun. Making a grand total of 362 miles of singletrack smiles this year.


This challenge is to encourage you to get off the couch and ride all the amazing singletrack Kansas City has to offer. Not to mention…to show off your progress to your friends and pride of our local trails.

How it works?

By going out and riding your bike, a lot! Complete the trail system and check the trail off of the t-shirt (sharpie not included). Single riding sessions are in encouraged; however, multiple outings per one’s skill level does count.

Use #EarthRidersEFIchallenge on your social media platform (Facebook, Instagram, Strava...) to brag about your progress and to stoke others up along the way. (No, we will not be verifying your Strava tracks. Honor system applies)

How to join?

Visit the EarthRiders Gear Store to order your t-shirt, accept our challenge, and then start crossing trails off in 2018! Shirts are printed in batches and shipped directly to your door.

EarthRiders Gear Store: I want EarthRiders Gear!

Printable: I like old school Paper

Who’s in for our challenge?!

Note:  Details for most of the trails can be found right here on Earthriders.com And our team is working to add the others ASAP!

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