April 10th: WYCO

May 8th: Blue River Park

June 12: Smithville(flooded) ALT location Big Bull Creek!

July 10: Jacomo West

August 14th: Shawnee Mission Park

September 11th: Landahl

October 9th: (make up date) Smithville


EarthRiders hosts our Social Rides on the second Wednesday of each month from April through September.  

  • Group ride starts at 6:00PM

  • Food and social time starts at 7:30PM

The EarthRiders board members will be on hand, and we will pass on current mountain biking affairs, rides, races, and other fun events.  We will also ask what you want you club to do for you and for interest in leading/coordinating future events.

NOTE: If the trail for that month is closed at 6:00PM on the Tuesday before a Social Ride, we will postpone the ride until the third Wednesday of the month.  If the trail is closed on the third Wednesday the ride will be cancelled.