Privacy Notice and Parental Information for the Earth Riders Mountain Bike Club
(herein referred to as the "Club") 

Statement Regarding the Collection of Information from Children Under the Age of 13:
The Club does not target children under the age of 13. Furthermore, the goals and purposes of the Club are highly unlikely to be of interest to children under the age of 13 without significant parental involvement. Finally, the "Membership Information" form states that anyone under 13 years of age must have a parent or legal guardian fill out the form. 

Information the Club Collects:
The Club collects personally identifiable information from people who fill out the "Membership Information" request form. 

The "Membership Information" form requests the following information: 
Name (first and last), 
E-mail address, 
Street address, 
Home telephone number, 
Work telephone number, 
Fax telephone number. 
If someone sends an e-mail message to any of the e-mail addresses shown on the web site, the information will be used appropriately based upon the nature of the e-mail. Information gathered from e-mail messages may be disclosed to third parties that have not agreed to maintain the confidentiality and security of the information. Because the Club's web site lists e-mail addresses for a number of people, both in and out of the Club, and because there is no way for the recipient of such an e-mail to know it came from the Club's web site, it is impossible for the Club to control the recipient's handling of the information contained in the e-mail. E-mail messages containing requests for information may be shared with third parties (including e-mail lists) in an attempt to provide an appropriate answer(s) to the question(s). E-mail messages that request the sharing of their contents with others may be shared with third parties (including e-mail lists) in an attempt to honor the request(s). 

Information from e-mail messages requesting membership and/or Club information may be retained and used in the same manner as information collected on the "Membership Information" form. 

Amount of Information Required:
The Club does not require any information to be supplied beyond the amount reasonably necessary to process the request for information, although the Club encourages the supplying of certain information to expedite the request. 

In particular, while all of the information on the "Membership Information" request form is optional, it is not possible to provide a meaningful response to the requestor if no contact information is supplied (i.e., e-mail address, street address, or telephone number). 

How the Collected Information is Used:
The collected information is used: 
To respond with information about the Club and to provide the requestor with a membership application that has the supplied information already filled in. 
To respond periodically (for a limited time, typically a few months) with notices about recently published newsletters, newsletters, and/or limited other notices (typically, notices about upcoming meetings). 
If the request is made through a direct e-mail request, the collected information may additionally be used to satisfy and/or respond to that request. 

Disclosure of Information to Third Parties:
Information received from the website is maintained in a private database by one or more officers of the Club and is not shared with any third parties (with the limited exception of off-site backup tapes, as described below). 

For disaster recovery purposes, backup tapes that contain the information from the private database may be stored in an off-site location that is owned and operated by a third party that may not be affiliated with the Club. While the information is stored under the supervision of this third party, the information is not disclosed to them. This third party, if any, has been instructed not to read or attempt to read the backup tape(s) nor to willingly share it(them) with anyone other than an officer or duly authorized member of the Club. 

After a person joins the Club (through payment of the applicable dues), information from the web form, e-mail correspondence, and/or membership application may be shared with other members of the Club through the membership directory and with sponsors of the Club (sponsors are third parties that support the Club and its goals-- click here to see the list of sponsors ). 

Reasonable efforts are made to protect the privacy of individuals when e-mail notices are distributed (typically, the parties are "blind carbon copied" to prevent the disclosure of the e-mail addresses of the recipients). 

Review of Collected Information:
Parents and legal guardians may review all information collected and retained regarding their child(ren). Furthermore, they may request that this information be deleted and may refuse to allow any further collection or use of their child(ren)'s information. For obvious reasons, it will be necessary to retain the child(ren)'s name if a parent or legal guardian wishes to prevent the future collection or use of their child(ren)'s information (if the child(ren)'s name(s) is deleted, there will be no way to prevent the child(ren) from re-submitting their information). When a child's name is retained solely to prevent the future collection of their personal information, the name (and contact information for the parent or legal guardian) will not be shared or used for any other purposes (beyond the backup tapes, as described above). 

Anyone may review all information collected and retained about themselves. They may also request that their information be deleted. 

Members (or parents or legal guardians of children) can request that their information not be shared with sponsors or other third parties by contacting the Club officer in charge of membership listed below. People who are not members do not need to make such a request, since their information is not shared with any sponsors or other third parties. 

To request a review of the information collected about you or your child, to have your or your child's information deleted, or to have the use of your or your child's information restricted, please contact the Club officer in charge of membership listed below with your request. 

Club Contact Information:
Name: Jared Shearer
Title: Webmaster